Below is a list of all Klamath Community Foundation funds accepting donations. Donate to any of these funds online. We also welcome contributions by check or grants through other foundations; send to KCF, PO Box 1903, Klamath Falls, OR 97601. If you have any questions contact us at 541-314-4438 or by email Thank you for your generosity!

Donate To Fund

Fund Name
4-H/FFA Archie Linman Scholarship
Admin - Cap Build
Audubon Society Fund
Audubon Society Fund
Brenn Fund
CFSS - Agency
Circle of Hearts, a Giving Circle for Women & Children
Citizens for Safe Schools
Downtown Bird (Utility) Box Art Project
Favell Museum
Favell Museum - Agency
First Presbyterian Church
First Presbyterian Church Endowment Fund
Friends of the Children Fund
Friends of the Children Fund - Agency
Gigler Fund
Jensen Fund
JO Elderly Fund
Kingzett Family Fund
Kintzinger Fund
Klamath Animal Shelter Fund
Klamath Animal Shelter Fund - Agency
Klamath Community Foundation
Klamath County Museum Foundation - Agency
Klamath County Museum Foundation Fund
Klamath Economic Growth Fund
Klamath Ice Sports
Klamath Ice Sports - Agency
Klamath-Lake Food Bank
Klamath-Lake Food Bank - Agency
Klamath Works End Fund
Masten Fund
Mike's Field House Fund
Pinniger Family Fund
Pregnancy Hope Center Endowment for Life
Pregnancy Hope Center Endowment for Life
Reach Inc
Reach Inc - Agency
Rick Dillard Memorial Fund
Ross Ragland Theater Endowment
Ross Ragland Theater Endowment of the Ragland-Rife Foundation
Sanford Clinic Fund
Sky Lakes Heart Health Care
Sportsmans Park Fund
Sportsmans Park Fund - Agency
Sugarman's Corner Project
The Eric J. Brosterhous Cancer Fund
Type 1 Diabetes Fund
WGG End Fund
Where Good Grows Fund - Spend Down